Waterproof Rechargeable Training Collar Vibration Remote Dog Training Collar with UK Plug

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Dogs are the best friends of human, the most faithful companions and intimate family members, they are cute, considerate, kind ... but sometimes "naughty" ...yes. Generally an untrained Dog has habits like excessive barking, peeing anywhere, biting shoes and other items. So how about a dog training collar to train your dogs and curb their misbehavior.


- Color: As shown/Black.

- Material: TPU

- Size: 14 x 13 x 4cm

- Weight: 0.3kg- Receiver waterproof level: IP7- Helps correct Barking, Sitting, Walking, Wandering off, Aggression, Leash Pulling, Approaching Strangers and other Behavioral Obedience- Has user friendly interface design for easier operation, switch the working mode freely- Remote Transmitter can control up to 3 dogs and Remote Range up to 800 meters. You and your family could freely bring your dog to park, backyard, beach and seaside for swimming and playing games.

- Rechargeable Lithium Batteries for Receiver and Transmitter- TPU strap is adjustable, durable and easy to clean