Pet Stainless Steel Grooming Tool Poodle Finishing Butter Comb

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Item Description:



Materialstainless steel + plastic handle


Size18.79*3.27*0.01 cm




Item TypeGrooming Comb 











· Non-slip grip handle supports easy grooming.


· Work effectively for both long and short haired breeds.




How To Use:

Find a quiet place and make your pet feel comfortable. Get a bowl or soapy water and put it next to you.Dip the flea comp into the bowl of soapy water. 


Fleas will be killed by the soapy water. 


 Start combing through the coat of your pet. Pay particular attention to the face? Neck and the area just in front of the tail. Fleas are frequently found in these areas. 


The flea comb will remove both the adult fleas as well as eggs that are present on the fur. Repeat the combing session several times a day to remove as many fleas from your pet as possible.



Package Included:



1  x  Grooming Comb



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